Springfield sits on the Connecticut River, and its metro-area population is approximately 700,000. The city is home to major employers, including MassMutual Insurance, Smith & Wesson and General Dynamics, and also boasts many museums, the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden, its own zoo and symphony hall, and the iconic Forest Park Historic District. Rural, suburban and urban locales offer a variety of residential options, including 17 neighborhoods, such as South End, known for its rich Italian heritage, and Forest Park Heights, featuring more than 600 Victorian Painted Lady mansions. There’s an excellent selection of private and public schools, as well as colleges, including Mount Holyoke, Smith and Amherst.

Opportunities at this location:

Position Category Specialty
Addiction Medicine Advanced Practitioner Nurse Practitioner Addiction Medicine
Emergency Medicine Advanced Practitioner Nurse Practitioner Emergency Medicine
Primary Care Advanced Practitioner Nurse Practitioner Primary Care
Clinical Psychologist Physician Psychology
Emergency Medicine Physician Physician Emergency Medicine
Hospitalist Physician Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Physician Physician Med Peds
Multiple Sclerosis Neurologist Physician Neurology
Obstetrics and Gynecology Physician Obstetrics/Gynecology
Otolaryngologist Physician Otolaryngology
Primary Care Physician Physician Primary Care
Psychiatrist Child and Adolescent Unit Physician Psychiatry
Pulmonologist Physician Pulmonology
Radiologist Physician Radiology
Stroke Neurologist Physician Neurology
Vascular Surgery Physician Vascular Surgery
Addiction Medicine Advanced Practitioner Physician Assistant Addiction Medicine
Emergency Medicine Advanced Practitioner Physician Assistant Emergency Medicine
General Surgery Physician Assistant Physician Assistant General Surgery
Neurology / MS Advanced Practitioner Physician Assistant Neurology
Orthopedic Physician Assistant - Per Diem Physician Assistant Orthopedics
Primary Care Advanced Practitioner Physician Assistant Primary Care